Customer migration to Amazon and online retailers have generated a massive creative devastation.

 2,386 brick-and-mortar store closings have been announced by 12 of the largest U.S. retailers in the last three years alone. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods will have an earth-shattering effect on all retailers and has connected sophisticated, algorithm-driven ecommerce with nearly flawless delivery automation using extensive business intelligence for extraordinary results. 

Not every brand has been eager to offer its supply on Amazon

Brand Owners spend more time identifying counterfeit suppliers than focusing on increasing revenue. Counterfeits can not only be dangerous for your brand, but create safety risks. With the automation of Amazon’s business-to-business support center, it has become nearly impossible to speak with a human in the event there is an issue. As a brand owner, if a re-seller or competitor accuses your company of fraudulent of illegal activity, Amazon automatically removes the product without questioning the accusation. For the following two weeks or more, while costing time and revenue, brand owner’s attorneys have to subpoena the accuser to retract false reports. 

Amazon uses price manipulation timing algorithms

 making sure products they carry sell at the right price, time, and to the right consumer, reportedly setting prices below its brand competitors, sometimes greater than 25%. When brands feel like they may be winning the battle, Amazon proves otherwise.

An additional threat is coming, Amazon private labels

 Amazon identifies high margin, easily replicated products that can be private labeled. Current private label brands offered include AmazonBasics, MyHabit, Happy Belly, Mama Bear, Presto!, Lark & Ro, and North Eleven. For example, AmazonBasics private label batteries already outsell all other major battery brands online.

Why not remove your brand from Amazon completely?

 Amazon has enormous revenue potential! If you are currently allowing a distributor or third party to be your voice on Amazon, it means you are handing revenue to your nearest competitor.  Amazon does ensure that all brands are available and represented in their marketplace, unfortunately, Amazon.com only approaches brand owners to secure wholesale relationships when they determine who has the strongest brand recognition and are the most searched for in a specific category.  If Amazon does not sell your brand, you have to rely on yourself or others to accurately and competitively represent your product.

For brands struggling to understand the influence of distribution and representation on Amazon:

as an authorized representative creating a bridge from manufacturer direct to consumer. Failure will be costly.  If your brand is sold in the Amazon marketplace in a manner not consistent with your intentions or efforts through your current sales channels, corrective action needs to be taken promptly. Although, your brand may already receive a substantial amount of exposure and enjoy high sales volume online, QBR asks for the opportunity to serve as an authorized representative to create a bridge from manufacturer direct to consumer.  We are eager to work with you as a Quantum Brand Resource applying our analytical expertise to substantially expand reach and increase sales.