Who We Are

Working With Us

  We are numbers oriented. Our mission is to be the future of commerce.  We look to build value through the use of advanced technology and strategic alliances. Our culture is crucial to our success and allows our company to adapt to constantly shifting markets.

Our Value

We look beyond sales and pricing. Our analytics have been assembled by applying proprietary principles originally developed for Hedge Fund and Financial Market rule-based trading systems. The vast amount of quantitative and qualitative data, not previously available, now makes it possible for us to efficiently and effectively analyze information required to protect, promote, and position branded products. When we partner with manufacturers and distributors, we engineer the underlying metrics, creating organic growth in sales and revenue through Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Jet. We are constantly monitoring our systems to maximize sales, respond to product questions immediately, and insure the best customer service experience possible for the brands we represent.